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Ford expands workforce at Wayne facility to meet demand; reduces F-150 lightning production



© Reuters. Ford (F) expands workforce at Wayne facility to meet demand; reduces F-150 lightning production

Detroit’s Ford Motor (NYSE:) revealed Friday their intention to generate almost 900 additional jobs by establishing a third crew at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne. A move aimed at meeting the high demand for popular models like the Bronco, Bronco Raptor, Ranger, and Ranger Raptor.

Ford is strategically navigating its global operations to capitalize on a well-balanced lineup, offering customers a mix of gas-powered, hybrid, and electric vehicles for optimized financial returns.

Alongside the announcement of nearly 900 new hires, the upcoming 1,600-person third crew at the Michigan Assembly Plant will include 700 employees from Ford’s Rouge Complex in Dearborn.

The increased workforce, scheduled for this summer, aligns with plans for higher production volumes, particularly for the upcoming launch of the all-new Ranger and Ranger Raptor. The Michigan Assembly Plant will transition to a seven-day production schedule with three crews working two shifts.

The company is also prepared to scale the production of gas-powered and hybrid F-150 trucks based on customer demand.

“We are taking advantage of our manufacturing flexibility to offer customers choices while balancing our growth and profitability.” Said CEO Jim Farley.

“We see a bright future for electric vehicles for specific consumers, especially with our upcoming digitally advanced EVs and access to Tesla’s charging network beginning this quarter.” Added Farley.

The Rouge Electric Vehicle Center’s transition to a single shift on April 1 will affect around 1,400 employees. Of these, approximately 700 will move to the Michigan Assembly Plant, while the rest will be assigned roles at the Rouge Complex or other facilities in Southeast Michigan.

Alternatively, workers may opt for a Special Retirement Incentive Program outlined in the 2023 Ford-UAW contract.

Some employees at component plants supporting F-150 Lightning production may also be impacted, depending on participation in the retirement program. Ford will facilitate placements for affected employees within Southeast Michigan.

Shares of F are up 0.18% in pre-market trading Friday morning.

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