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Hexagon Digital Wave secures deal with Linde Gas



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OSLO – Hexagon Digital Wave, part of Hexagon Composites, has entered into a significant long-term agreement with Linde (NYSE:) Gas & Equipment Inc. (LG&E), to supply Ultrasonic Examination (UE) testing equipment and services for the requalification of Type 1 metallic cylinders. These cylinders are utilized in a variety of industrial and medical settings.

The partnership is set to enhance safety and efficiency in cylinder testing, offering a non-destructive alternative to traditional hydrostatic methods. The UE technology enables the detection of minor defects without needing to empty the cylinder or remove its valve, thus cutting costs and reducing environmental impact through lower water usage.

Hexagon Digital Wave has been a supplier to LG&E for over 16 years, and this agreement reaffirms its status as a long-term collaborator. The UE testing approach is recognized for its ability to retain the gas product during inspection and eliminate the need for re-pressurization, further reducing labor and energy costs.

George Siedlecki, CEO of Hexagon Digital Wave, emphasized the improved safety and operational benefits that UE testing provides over conventional hydrostatic testing, suggesting a competitive edge for the method in the market.

The adoption of UE testing aligns with Hexagon’s commitment to innovative solutions for a cleaner energy future, encompassing storage, transportation, and conversion to clean energy across various applications.

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