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Morgan Stanley raises outlook on Toyota due to hybrid cars strength



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On Friday, Morgan Stanley acknowledged a shift in its perspective on Toyota (NYSE:)’s hybrid vehicles. The firm had previously anticipated a decline in the hybrid market due to evolving regulations, the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), and changing consumer preferences. Contrary to these expectations, hybrids have demonstrated resilience and are now considered by the firm as a key transitional technology shaping the automotive industry in 2024.

The statement released by Morgan Stanley highlighted a misjudgment regarding the trajectory of hybrid vehicles from 2019 to 2021. The firm had predicted that hybrid cars would falter as the automotive sector moved towards greater EV adoption. However, this forecast proved inaccurate as hybrids continue to play a significant role in the market.

Morgan Stanley’s revised outlook on Toyota reflects the automaker’s success in leveraging hybrid technology. The firm now recognizes hybrids as a critical factor in determining market share winners and losers this year. This acknowledgement marks a notable shift from the previous stance that underestimated the staying power of hybrid vehicles.

The endurance of hybrid technology in the face of regulatory changes and consumer trends has prompted Morgan Stanley to adjust its assessment of Toyota’s position in the automotive industry. The firm’s updated view underscores the importance of hybrids in the current transition phase towards more sustainable vehicle options.

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