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Nvidia is offering samples of two new AI chips for the China market



© Reuters Nvidia (NVDA) is offering samples of two new AI chips for the China market

Nvidia (NASDAQ:) is now providing samples of two new AI chips to its customers developed for the Chinese market, the company’s CEO Jensen Huang told Reuters Wednesday.

“We’re sampling it with customers now. Both of them comply with the regulation without a license. We’re looking forward to customer feedback on it,” Huang said in an interview.

“We’re expecting that we’re… going to go compete for business, and hopefully we can serve the market successfully.”

NVDA jumped over 14% in premarket trading Thursday following another strong earnings report.

The move is meant to help the chip giant maintain its leadership in the Chinese market amidst U.S. export restrictions.

Last year, the chip industry newsletter SemiAnalysis reported that Nvidia was planning to launch three new chips – H20, L20, and L2 – for China.

These products reportedly embody Nvidia’s latest AI capabilities but have modified computing power to adhere to U.S. regulations.

This strategic decision comes as Nvidia faces the impact of tightened U.S. export controls introduced in October, which targeted advanced chip shipments to China, significantly affecting Nvidia’s operations there.

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