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SkyWater signs production deal for bio chips with Nautilus



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BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – SkyWater Technology (NASDAQ: SKYT), a U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturer, has signed a production agreement with Nautilus Biotechnology, Inc. to supply silicon-based microfluidic bio chips. These chips will be used in Nautilus’s proteome analysis system. The transition of Nautilus from SkyWater’s Advanced Technology Services to its Wafer Services program is a key development, highlighting the success of SkyWater’s Technology as a Service (TaaS) business model.

The TaaS model combines technical expertise, product development, and secure manufacturing within a single U.S. operation. It is designed to expedite the time to market for customers’ products, embed quality from the outset, and scale up production efficiently.

SkyWater’s capabilities in CMOS and MEMS processes are instrumental in addressing the bespoke technology needs of its clients. The company is ISO 13485 certified for Medical Devices, supporting the design, development, and fabrication of various biomedical applications, including DNA sequencing and lab on chip technologies.

Ross Miller, SVP of Commercial and A&D Business at SkyWater, expressed enthusiasm about supporting Nautilus as they progress toward commercializing their proteome analysis platform. He emphasized the benefits of the TaaS model, which allows for innovation continuity from laboratory to fabrication.

The collaboration between SkyWater and Nautilus is set to contribute to the advancement of precision medicine by enhancing protein analysis through semiconductor manufacturing. This partnership is expected to yield benefits in terms of system performance, cost savings, and material efficiency for next-generation protein analysis technologies.

SkyWater Technology, listed as SKYT on NASDAQ, is also recognized as a DMEA-accredited Category 1A Trusted Foundry and is known for its co-creation of diverse technology categories with innovators across various markets.

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