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South Asian airlines to quadruple fleets by 2042, Boeing says



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NEW DELHI – Airlines in South Asia are set to expand their fleets fourfold by 2042, responding to the region’s economic growth and a surge in air traffic, with India’s robust recovery to pre-pandemic air travel levels paving the way. This ambitious expansion is expected to include the addition of over 2,700 new aircraft, primarily single-aisle planes, to meet the escalating passenger and cargo demands.

Boeing (NYSE:)’s Darren Hulst highlighted the aviation industry’s optimistic outlook, attributing the growth to the increasing economic prowess of India and the broader region. The anticipated fleet expansion is poised to create a substantial demand for aviation professionals, including pilots and maintenance technicians, to support the burgeoning sector.

As South Asia gears up for this leap in aviation capacity, the industry prepares to address the logistical and workforce challenges that accompany such significant growth.

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