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This Retiree’s Leisurely Side Hustle Makes $66,000 a Year and, ‘You Don’t Even Need to Go to High School to Do It’ Barbara Hill wanted a flexible, part-time job that would transition well into retirement. Now she mentors younger people who are making over $200,000 a year. Here’s her insider’s guide to getting started.



Six years ago, at her home in Morristown, New Jersey, Barbara Hill’s side hustle spirit animal walked through her front door. “She was absolutely ancient,” Hill recalls. “I was like 61 or 62, but this woman was almost a hundred or something. It was clearly a retirement job for her.”

Back then, Hill had a big job selling web-based video conferencing, and wasn’t planning to retire anytime soon. She’d taken out a home equity loan on her house, and the bank had sent a loan signing agent to her home to walk her through the paperwork. That was the ancient lady. “It just struck a chord with me,” Hill says. “I asked her a million questions. It turned out she was doing this to supplement her social security.”

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