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The eHopper POS is a cloud-based point of sale solution for small grocery, convenience, restaurant and retail businesses. It’s one of the few POS solutions with a free plan for customers and is available on Android tablets, iPads, Windows PCs and Poynt smart countertop payment terminals.

The fact it’s cloud-based allows you to access features and data from any location, grants quick and easy access to all of the business data that is hosted, synced and loaded all in real-time during business operations and allows for quick and easy referencing when needed. This eliminates the need for physical servers, increases security as all data is stored online and allows easy access to data from any location and at any time. This is part of the reason the company can offer a free plan.

Best for Smaller Budgets

The eHopper POS is a good option for small businesses on a budget because it offers a free plan that includes taking payments with a terminal, training and onboarding. It’s also known as one of the most feature-rich free POS options, and its cloud-based software is easy to set up and use.

  • eHopper POS pros and cons

  • eHopper POS plans/offerings

  • eHopper POS pricing

  • eHopper POS financial stability

  • eHopper POS accessibility

  • eHopper POS customer satisfaction

  • eHopper POS FAQ

  • How we evaluated eHopper POS

  • Summary of Money’s eHopper POS review

eHopper POS pros and cons


  • Completely free

  • Variety of payment options

  • Cross-platform capabilities


  • Limited reporting

  • Glitches often

  • Limited integration options

Pros explained

In the following section, you’ll discover some of the main benefits of using eHopper POS.

Completely free

A big pro of the eHopper POS is that it supports a fully free system version. This version can be attractive to small business owners and works well for those learning how to start a business.

Under the free version, your small business can accept payments in cash or card, manage inventory and employees, generate reports and link to other POS apps you might need. However, you would be limited to 300 transactions per month, 50 products and one license. Other more advanced features, such as certain methods of ordering and processing, self-service, metrics, and QuickBooks and PayPal integrations, are unavailable for free.

If your business is online, eHopper also offers a free eCommerce website that integrates with their POS. You can customize the site to include your branding and colors, and the layout is flexible. While the website and the POS cost can be free, you’ll have to pay a credit card processing fee with eCommerce.

The eHopper POS offers free card payment processing for U.S. customers on its free Essential plan. Card processing allows businesses to securely accept various types of credit, debit and store cards, opening up more payment options. Free card processing is a big bonus for small businesses because there are no fees for card transactions, further reducing costs to the business.

In addition to a free website, you can save on costs by getting a free business phone number.

Variety of payment options

The eHopper POS supports various customer payment options, including credit and debit card payments, cash and EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards, and has options for split payments built into it, which is excellent for restaurants or bars.

The eHopper POS is also EMV (Europay Mastercard and Visa) compliant. EMV compliance is a global technology standard for payment meant to protect customers from fraud. By offering multiple payment options, businesses using the eHopper POS can attract a broader customer base and increase sales.

Cross-platform capabilities

eHopper is available on desktops, tablets, mobile devices and the Poynt mobile POS terminal. This cross-platform compatibility makes it easy for businesses to access and use eHopper regardless of their device and operating system (OS).

eHopper’s cross-platform capabilities extend to its online ordering system, a mobile-friendly website that allows restaurants to sell food for delivery, pickup or dine-in. The online ordering system is integrated with the eHopper POS and can take orders in-store and online, providing a seamless experience for businesses and customers.

Cons explained

Here are some of the cons of using eHopper POS.

Limited reporting

The eHopper POS offers limited reporting options. While the system does provide some reports, such as the PO Receiving Report, Store Transfer Report and Adjustment Report, these may not be sufficient for businesses that need more detailed or custom reports. This can be a drawback for businesses relying on extensive decision-making and analysis reporting.

Glitches often

Some users have reported experiencing glitches and crashes while using the eHopper POS. While the system does offer a way to reboot quickly, these issues can be stressful for businesses as they may disrupt operations and cost you money.

These concerns can often be resolved by addressing the root cause and trying different troubleshooting steps. If you run into similar issues, try contacting the eHopper support team — they may help you identify the problem and offer a solution. In addition, keeping software up-to-date, monitoring hardware and network connections and implementing good IT practices, such as regular backups and data management, can help minimize the risk of glitching.

Limited integration options

The eHopper POS has limited integration options. The company’s website reports that it integrates with QuickBooks, PayPal, Multi-Register and Credit/Debit POS Integration. There are even fewer integration options on the free plan. For example, QuickBooks and PayPal would not be available for free users. This limited list can be a drawback for businesses that rely on integrating their online POS system with other software or systems, as it may not be possible to integrate the eHopper POS with these tools entirely.

eHopper POS plans/offerings

The eHopper POS offers two plans/offerings:


The Essential plan is eHopper’s free plan, limited to one POS, 50 products, and 300 transactions per month. This plan includes features such as inventory management, customer management, tip management and more. U.S. customers also receive free card payment processing with this plan.

This plan allows users to organize and view all orders in one place, where you can assign names, save and reopen them for processing. eHopper’s Essential plan offers powerful order management functionalities and is great for a new business looking for a cheap way to take customer payments.

Some key features of the Essential plan include:

  • Sales tracking: Track and manage sales, including information on items sold, payment types and discounts applied.

  • Inventory management: Monitor stock levels, set reorder points and generate purchase orders.

  • Customer management: Store and manage customer information, including contact details, purchase history and gift card management.

  • Reporting: Generate reports on sales, inventory and customers.

  • Simple User Interface: Navigate the software and easily find the information you need.

  • Cloud-based solution: Access your data and use the software from any device with an internet connection.


The OmniChannel plan is a comprehensive POS system for retail, restaurants and professional services. This paid plan opens up many features to the business owner, including two licenses, unlimited products, table management, e-commerce, unlimited transactions, pre-authorization, EBT, menu management and more.

The Omnichannel plan includes all the features of the Essential plan and additional tools for managing and growing a business across multiple channels, such as brick-and-mortar stores, online marketplaces and social media.

The key features of the Omnichannel plan include:

  • Multi-location support: Manage multiple locations from one central dashboard.

  • Advanced sales reporting: View detailed reports on your sales, including information on best-selling products, loyalty programs and busiest times of the day.

  • eCommerce integration: Integrate and sell products on websites, marketplaces like Amazon and social media like Facebook.

  • Customizable Tax options: Manage tax data and apply custom taxes to different products and services if required.

  • Advanced inventory management: Track stock levels across multiple locations, set reorder points and generate purchase orders.

The Omnichannel plan provides a multi-channel approach to marketing, selling and serving customers in a way that creates an integrated and cohesive customer experience. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide any help with accounting, but this guide on the best accounting software for small businesses does.

eHopper POS pricing

  • The Essential plan is free and includes one POS terminal, 50 products, 300 transactions per month and access to eHopper’s online documentation.

  • The OmniChannel plan is available for $29.99 per month and includes features such as two licenses, unlimited products, table management, e-commerce, unlimited transactions, pre-authorization, EBT, menu management and more.

eHopper POS financial stability

It’s difficult to find public information about the financial stability of eHopper as it’s a privately owned company founded in 2013. However, several sources state eHopper’s revenue as $14.5 million annually.

Outside of the US, the company’s POS has an integrated payment solution in Canada via First Data and Moneris, two well-known and reputable payment processors.

eHopper POS accessibility

The eHopper POS is accessible on Android tablets, iPads, Windows PCs and Poynt mobile POS terminals. Users can manage their business operations from anywhere and at any time. The software is also accessible through a web browser and their app, making it easy to access from any device with an internet connection.


The eHopper POS is available on multiple devices and platforms, including Android tablets, iPads, Windows PCs and Poynt smart terminals. It can be used as both an Android and Windows POS, making it suitable for small retail stores and consumer businesses.

Contact information

eHopper can be contacted via the following:

  • Phone: 212-651-8911

  • Address: 30 Broad Street, Floor 22, New York.

  • Website:

  • Twitter: @ehopperpos

User experience

The eHopper POS is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, helping small businesses and stores save time by streamlining their day-to-day operations. Reports online say eHopper is a professional-looking yet easy and straightforward platform. Users mention that the eHopper POS improves the customer experience by allowing businesses to swipe a customer’s card once and securely store the card’s information.

eHopper POS customer satisfaction

The eHopper POS appears to have a generally positive reputation for customer satisfaction, with many users praising the platform’s ease of use, helpful customer service and effective inventory management. The platform also offers a loyalty program to encourage repeat business, increase revenue and improve business ratings.

Some users have reported issues with the platform’s inventory management and pricing plans, and others have reported issues trying to reach and work with eHopper’s customer service. However, based on overall user ratings, eHopper POS is well-regarded by its users and can provide a positive customer experience.

eHopper POS FAQ

Is eHopper a cloud-based online store?

eHopper is a cloud-based POS and business management system for small businesses. It also offers an eCommerce platform that is fully managed, cloud-hosted and optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Is eHopper really free?

eHopper offers a free plan called Essential. With this plan, you only get access to some platform features, but it’s enough to get your business up and running. U.S. customers can receive free payment processing, while all users can access inventory, customer, tip and loyalty features. eHopper can afford to host a free plan as it passes the payment processing fees to the customer. However, it is important to note the limitations of the Essential plan. You won’t be able to track metrics or access certain inventory and other management features. Self-service, clock in/clock out, phone/email/chat support and some integrations such as QuickBooks are also unavailable. This list is not exhaustive, so make sure to compare the free and paid plans.

Can I use eHopper if the internet is down?

eHopper is a cloud-based system that requires an internet connection to access most of its features and data. In the event of an internet outage, it may not be possible to use eHopper as you usually might. To process debit or credit cards, you’ll need an internet connection. Some features, such as calculating discounts and processing transactions with cash, may still be available on the POS device, depending on the specific hardware and configuration used. Once you connect back to the internet, the information will be uploaded to the cloud.

How We Evaluated eHopper POS

To assess eHopper POS, we looked at the following criteria and compared each aspect with market competitors.

  • User interface

  • Versatility

  • Cost

  • Availability of features

  • Pricing

  • Customer experience

  • Ease of use

We utilized online sources, customer reviews and suggestions to gain more insight into the system’s user experience. As with any product research, it is always advisable to conduct your own investigation.

Summary of Money’s eHopper POS review

The eHopper POS suits merchants searching for a dependable and stable system for managing in-person sales. The platform offers adaptability as it’s available on multiple devices, including PC, tablets or smartphones, allowing merchants to use the eHopper POS in various settings such as retail stores, pop-up shops and events.

It has a free option with basic features for a POS system and a paid one with advanced features like inventory management, reporting and integrations to assist merchants in making informed decisions for their business.

The eHopper POS is an excellent choice for small businesses looking for an affordable and feature-rich POS solution, and we regard it as one of the best point-of-sale systems available.

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