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Gas prices are going back up: These states have seen the biggest increases lately



Motorists, get ready to pay more at the pump because gas prices are rising. The average price at the pump for US drivers has risen nearly 6.5% in the past month, from $3.39 to $3.61 per gallon.

Drivers are feeling the pain right now in many respects because gas prices were lower just a few months ago, according to data by the U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA).

In December 2023, the average gas price was $3.15.

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Why are gas prices going back up?

Spokesperson for AAA, Andrew Gross, told USA TODAY that the most recent price increase is no surprise.

Historically, gas prices typically increase in the transition from February to March. From 2021 to 2024, gas prices during these months have increased by as much as 71 cents.

“Gas prices move higher in the spring and summer every year. The nation makes the switch from cheaper winter blend gas to summer starting in March and April,” Gross said. “The better weather and longer days usually leads to more driving, pushing demand up.”

Which states have seen the biggest increases in gas prices?

In data collected by AAA in April, the non-profit organization showed which states have seen the greatest increases within their gas prices. The increase in calculated in cents:

  1. Indiana (+19)

  2. Arizona (+19)

  3. California (+17)

  4. Ohio (+15)

  5. New Mexico (+15)

  6. Utah (+11)

  7. Alaska (+10)

  8. Kentucky (+10)

  9. Nevada, (+10)

  10. Idaho (+9)

Which states have the highest gas prices?

Gas prices have always been a conversation for many drivers, but Californians have the upper hand when discussing high gas prices. In June 2022, the Golden State drivers had to pay $6.29 per gallon at the pump, according to the EIA. Although Californians haven’t seen those prices recently, the current price at the pump is $5.20, $1.59 higher than the national average.

Here is a list of the states with the highest gas prices:


Prices per gallon





















When will gas prices go back down?

Even though drivers are experiencing high gas prices right now, Gross said these prices will most likely decrease as we approach the cooler months in 2024. As the months go from August to September, drivers can expect to see gas prices decrease between 10 to 20 cents.

Typically, gas prices increase during the warmer months because of the higher rates of travel. To accommodate these travelers, more supply is needed, Gross said.

“Prices will dip with the approach of fall, like they always do,” Gross said. “But keep an eye out for hurricane season, which is expanding and now stretches well into November. A storm hitting the Gulf Coast and damaging a large refinery could cause prices to spike regionally for a few weeks.”

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