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Where the Other Half Lives: These 20 Cities Have the Most Mega-Wealthy Homeowners



Ever wonder how the other half lives? While that may be privileged information, recently released data can tell you where the ultra-rich live.

A new report from Altrata, an intelligence firm that creates data-based profiles on ultra-high net worth individuals, shows the top global locations for the world’s wealthiest homeowners.

Ultra-high net worth individuals — or people with a net worth of at least $30 million — still like owning homes in U.S. cities. New York, Los Angeles and Miami are in the top five for the highest number of wealthy homeowners, and the U.S. represents more than half of the cities in the top 20. As the leading global city of the rich, New York boasts nearly 22,000 mega-wealthy people with primary or secondary residences.

A separate list of U.S. cities with the highest density of wealthy homeowners ranks Aspen, Colorado, Naples, Florida, and Greenwich, Connecticut, as the top three. Aspen, where one in every 67 residents is considered ultra-high net worth, has a density of wealthy homeowners nearly 15 times that of New York. Monaco, Geneva and Hong Kong have the highest density of ultra-rich residents outside U.S.

Where the ultra-rich own homes

These are the top 20 cities around the world where the most ultra-rich people have primary or secondary homes:

  1. New York: 21,714

  2. London: 15,907

  3. Hong Kong: 15,175

  4. Los Angeles: 13,194

  5. Miami: 10,831

  6. San Francisco: 9,221

  7. Beijing: 8,923

  8. Singapore: 7,471

  9. Chicago: 6,506

  10. Washington, D.C.: 5,732

  11. Boston: 5,722

  12. San Jose: 5,291

  13. Paris: 5,235

  14. Dallas: 4,686

  15. Houston: 4,420

  16. Seattle: 4,334

  17. Toronto: 3,742

  18. Atlanta: 3,420

  19. Denver: 3,134

  20. Phoenix: 2,969

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