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Surprising Ways of Decorating A Mountain Home On A Budget




Whether you have a quaint mountain cabin or a luxurious ski lodge, decorating a mountain home on a budget might be a priority. Home décor can be surprisingly expensive if you simply shop at popular stores. Fortunately, there are low-cost solutions available that can pack a visual punch. If you’re looking to update your house, here is a look at what mountain home décor usually involves and some surprising ways of decorating a mountain home on a budget.

What Style Do You Use in a Mountain Home?

In many cases, mountain homes have rustic styling. The goal is to introduce natural elements – such as wood, stone, and greenery – to connect the décor with the surrounding landscape.

At times, adding an industrial edge is also preferred. This lets you bring certain metal elements into the equation in a way that doesn’t conflict with the rustic feel.

Incorporating minimalism may also be part of the equation, allowing aspects of the structure to serve as the dominant aesthetic elements. You might also appreciate the coziness of hygge design, particularly if your mountain home is in a cooler area.

Surprising Ways of Decorating a Mountain Home on a Budget

Use Available, Local Greenery

If you want to introduce greenery into your home, you don’t need to spend a bundle on plants. Instead, if you have a nearby cedar, juniper, spruce, or fir tree, take some clippings of the branches. Then, condition them by hydrating the clippings and treating them with an anti-desiccant spray.

After the clippings are prepared, you can display them in vases, use them to make wreaths, or simply gather them into bundles with twine for hanging. Make sure to gently mist them daily to help them last. Then, depending on the species of tree, these creations can last several weeks in the right conditions.

Use Containers You Already Have

Many food containers can be transformed into rustic décor pieces with a few tweaks. Two classic options are glass jars and metal coffee cans. You can paint them with chalk paint, wrap them in twine, or leave them plain after removing the labels.

You can also transform shipping boxes into baskets with a little bit of know-how. Line the inside with fabric from an old bedsheet that’s still in good condition, bringing the fabric over the edge before attaching. Then, wrap the outside of the box in twine past the fabric edge, securing it with a hot glue gun.

Barring the craft supplies you use to transform them, this option is essentially free if you were buying the associated products anyway. Plus, it’s a greener choice, as it lets you keep items out of landfills.

Take Advantage of Fallen Branches

Fallen branches near your home can be an excellent resource if you want to create low-cost décor. You can cut thin slices to create frames for mirrors you own or find at thrift stores. For thicker branches, pieces could become coasters.

You can also clean up the branches and use them as wall hangings, leaving them essentially natural. You can also apply a sealant to keep the bark in place if you’re concerned about peeling.

Similarly, you can use longer, sealed branches to create a photo or blanket ladder. With the latter, make sure to sand away any rough edges, at a minimum, or consider stripping the bark off to create a smoother surface.

Decorate with Your Kitchenware, Dinnerware, Cookware, or Drinkware

If you’re kitchenware, dinnerware, cookware, or drinkware aligns with your mountain home style, turning it into décor can help you decorate on a budget.

For example, you can get a curtain rod, add some shower curtain hooks, and use that to hang coffee mugs, stylish cooking utensils, or copper or wrought iron cookware. If you don’t find a curtain rod you like, explore plumping pipes and fittings to create a custom alternative.

For plates, a simple picture shelf with a notch could let you display them in a layered manner. For drinkware, floating wall shelves could be a solid choice.

Hang Your Patterned or Solid-Colored Blankets

If you have patterned or solid-color blankets that align with your color scheme, consider hanging any extras on a wall to create décor. You can use a long-study curtain rod or plumping pipe and attachments to create a hanging bar. Then, drape the blankets over it to let them.

Along with adding some color to your walls, this option gives you storage for your extra blankets. Then, if you want one for yourself or a guest, simply pull it down and use it. Once it’s not needed, rehang it to keep it out of the way.

Display Your Skis and Poles

Skis and poles can be fun items to display in a mountain home, particularly if yours match your overall color scheme. All you need is some wall mounts or an attractive rack to hold them in place.

With this, you aren’t just creating wall décor; you’re getting a storage solution. Plus, you can use a similar approach for items like wooden sleds, allowing you to highlight the fun you have while at your mountain home.

Can you think of any affordable options that could help someone who’s decorating a mountain home? Have you tried some of the options above and want to tell others how it turned out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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