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Expand Your Home Buying Game with Valuable Expert Advice



How much do you know about home buying? It’s no mystery that it’s a monumental decision, so ease into the process with our expert advice. 

Watch these short videos below to get an understanding of the home buying process and what you’ll want to know before purchasing your first house. 

Is Owning a Home Right for Everyone? 

When is it appropriate to rent versus buy a home? Watch the short video below to learn about your options and when or if you should purchase a home. 


Applying the Power of Interest

What percentage is too high when it comes to interest rates? This video will help you understand how interest rates impact your monthly payments and why negotiating for a lower rate will keep money in your wallet and out of a lender’s.



Tax Considerations with Home Buying

Buying a home is expensive so you’ll want to know these tax write-offs to save a few bucks. 


The Four C’s of Borrowing

Do you have a handle on the four C’s of borrowing? From collateral to credit this quick video will put you on track to getting a grip on all four elements so you can be prepared when requesting a home loan.


Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved

 If you’re serious about the home buying process then it’s time to discuss becoming pre-qualified or pre-approved with a lender. We’re breaking down the differences between the two in this video.  


 Want extended advice on home buying?

Watch the full Home Buying 101 Webinar click below:


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