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MONEY HACKS: Are You Saving for the Unexpected Expense?



This month has truly been filled with unexpected events. It was the first time in March Madness history a 16 rank team bet a number 1 ranked team (busted my bracket) and we welcomed Spring with the biggest east coast snow storm of the year. Other unexpected things like a flat tire, medical expenses, or losing your job can impact your wallet at any time. Did you know only 39% of Americans said they could pay a $1,000 emergency expense? In the video below, we’re helping to ensure that every day is focusing on today, tomorrow and your long-term financial future. We encourage anyone that’s ready to get started to check out our blog on budgeting and emergency savings. Also, don’t forget to email us your questions. This series is made from calls and questions we get all the time from employees, investors, savers, and people just planning for their future, so in if you have a question you’d like answered email us. 


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