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Rebate Fanatic Review: Earn Cash Back On The Purchases You Make Every Day



Inflation is squeezing everyone’s budgets and forcing many Americans to dip into savings to cover their living expenses. One great way to combat rising prices is to join a cashback website such as Rebate Fanatic.

Rebate Fanatic is a new cash-back site that isn’t yet well known. Since cash back sites are tried and true ways to reduce your costs, I’m sharing a review of it for readers interested in reliably saving money on the things they already buy.

So, if you want to learn more about how it works, read our full review below.

5 Benefits of Becoming a Rebate Fanatic Member

Save By Earning Cashback While Shopping Online

The main benefit of becoming a Rebate Fanatic member is that you can earn cashback from most of your favorite online stores. Rebate Fanatic partners with over 600 top retailers such as Walmart, Home Depot, Petco, and Walgreens to reward you for everyday purchases. Rebate Fanatic earns commissions from these retailers for sending customers their way and shares some of this money with its members in the form of cashback.

When you’re ready to start earning, all you have to do is sign up for a free account and make your next online purchase through Rebate Fanatic’s website. Although rewards rates vary depending on which retailer you shop at, you can expect to earn up to 15 percent cashback at most retailers. With that being said, certain stores offer much higher cashback percentages ranging from 20 to over 100 percent, which is like getting paid to shop!

At Home Depot where I shopped, you can earn up to 6 percent cashback. I was able to get $0.14 back on a clamp I needed for a woodworking project, plus a $5 bonus just for signing up for Rebate Fanatic.

Rebate Fanatic Review


The process was easy — I simply typed “Home Depot” in the search bar at the top of Rebate Fanatic’s homepage and clicked on the first result. Once the Home Depot Deals & Coupons page loaded, I hit the “shop now” button and was automatically redirected to Home Depot’s online store.

I added the item I wanted to my cart and checked out just like I usually do. Less than 48 hours later, my cashback showed up as pending in my account dashboard. And the best part is, earning it was effortless!

Rebate Fanatic Review

After the locking date when my cashback is fully processed, Rebate Fanatic will be able to issue my payment. Earnings are usually sent out on a quarterly basis via PayPal. While I wait for my cashback to process, I’ll definitely keep using Rebate Fanatic to earn rewards every time I shop online.

Get Rewarded for Signing Up And Referring Friends

Right now you can earn a $5 bonus when you sign up for Rebate Fanatic, which will be paid out after you make some purchases and your cashback processes. You can even earn additional bonuses by inviting your friends and family members to try out this awesome cashback site. When someone signs up using your referral link, they’ll get $5 and so will you, which is a win-win.

Rebate Fanatic Review

You can find your custom referral link in your account dashboard under the Refer-A-Friend tab. Simply copy it, share it with your network, and watch the bonuses start rolling in!

Stay Up To Date on The Best Deals

Joining Rebate Fanatic will also help you stay informed about the biggest sales so you don’t miss out on any savings. Rebate Fanatic has a deals and coupons page that features the best discounts available and allows you to sort them using criteria like newest and most popular.

Rebate Fanatic Review

Each deal lists both the discount the retailer is offering and the cash back percentage you’ll earn through Rebate Fanatic. This allows you to quickly compare deals and see which one will net you the most savings. When you’re ready to shop, simply click the “get deal” button and you’ll be rerouted to the retailer’s online store.

From there, all you have to do is shop as normal. Rebate Fanatic will track your purchase and calculate your cash back, which will show up in your user dashboard as pending shortly.

Discover New Stores and Products

Using Rebate Fanatic is not only a great way to earn cashback from all your favorite stores, but also to discover amazing new retailers and products you’ve never tried before. Rebate Fanatic has a helpful stores and brands page that features a curated list of popular online shops.

Rebate Fanatic Review

You can simply browse the list or refine your search using filters like cashback percentage and shopping categories to find a retailer that offers the products and savings you’re looking for. You can also see how many promotions each retailer is currently offering and click on the blue “deals” button for more information.

Rebate Fanatic Review

Rebate Fanatic also has a page dedicated to showing off exciting new products. You can either type a specific item such as “air conditioner” into the search bar, or just enjoy browsing this list of carefully selected products to discover fun new finds.

Rebate Fanatic Review

Rebate Fanatic’s website also has a section focused on popular product categories such as home decor, electronics, sports, wellness, and even travel. Each category has a separate page featuring the best products, deals, and retailers, plus helpful articles such as product reviews.

These category pages are great starting points for your online shopping sessions!

Accelerated Savings To Reach Your Financial Goals

Perhaps the biggest benefit of joining Rebate Fanatic is that it allows you to save money, making it easier to meet your financial goals. Using Rebate Fanatic can help you find deals and earn cashback on necessities such as clothing, food, pet supplies, and more. Spending less on these everyday essentials means you can contribute more money to your emergency fund or retirement account and improve your financial security.

Final Verdict: Should You Join Rebate Fanatic?

After trying Rebate Fanatic, I’m a big fan. The website is very user-friendly, which makes it easy to find the store you’re looking for and earn cashback on your purchases. I’m impressed by how high the rewards rates are—some stores offer up to 75 percent cashback or more. I even saw a few retailers with cashback percentages over 100 percent, which is like getting paid to shop!

I also appreciate the wide range of deals and sales featured on the website. You can save money on just about anything using Rebate Fanatic, including travel, sports equipment, food, pet supplies, and more.

I love that I can earn additional rewards by inviting friends and was very happy to receive a $5 sign-up bonus. Considering the fact that Rebate Fanatic is completely free to join, I think everyone should become a member to save money, especially during this period of high inflation.

Rebate Fanatic

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