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VIDEO: How Do You Pay for Your College Experience?



University and college tuition is expensive, and so it’s often a real struggle for most families to afford. That’s why people usually rely on a variety of resources to pay for college, like financial aid or savings plans. According to College Board in 2017, 50% of the outstanding federal education loan debt was held by the 12% of borrowers owing $60,000 or more.

With so many outlets for financing your education, it can feel overwhelming to figure out the best course of action. However, whether you’re starting to save early or you’re paying your way through school, taking some time to figure out what can work for you is going to help in the long run. In the video below, Alex Assaley talks about a few ways he was able to pay his way through college. If you have any questions about how to save for school, our team is here to help. Email us!  




As you’re getting ready to finish up high school and set onto a college campus for the first time or you’re a freshman or sophomore thinking about the next couple years of your life you’re thinking… How do you pay for your college experience? 

Most students take advantage of financial aid options such as student loans, grants, and scholarships. Two things I would tell you to think about is knowing what those opportunities are and making sure you apply for financial aid and then spend a lot of time researching the different scholarships that exist and apply to as many as you can. Additionally, I know a lot of people that work through school as I did. Find working opportunities that you enjoy but also help support your college expenses and also put a little bit of money into your pocket. This will help you be as stressed about the financial side of college so you can focus more on growing and learning. 

Maximize your summers while you have fewer classes to really save more money and get prepared for what you might want to do in your career.  

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